Lo Ersare – vocal, banjo
Seiko Oomori – piano
Yuta Omino – bass
Albert Karch – drums, percussion

1st Full Album “tiny big”

Goodnessplus Records
[Buy on Amazon]
1. Love is a stranger
2. Humble
3. Pretty little bits
4. Bleed
5. 白い服
6. Bound in blue
7. Thinner
8. 絵のない絵本
9. Fågelsången


12 November 2019

Our 1st full album “tiny big” will be released on December 13th! You can buy on Amazon.co.jp, Tower Record. [Amazon]

Also single release “Love is a Stranger” will be out on November 15th. You can listen on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music…

18 February 2019

The movie of our concert in “Apple Jump”(Tokyo, Japan) was uploaded. Please check on [This link].

20 December 2018

Our special EP (recorded in Komoro, Japan) was shipped!

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